Three traditional PR strategies that work for digital PR

In a world where traditional PR and digital PR collide, here are my top three trad PR strategies that can secure digital coverage:

There has been a bit of a divide between trad PR and digital PR over the years. Disagreements over the relevancy of target publications and where the focus should be for the greater good are just two examples that spring to mind, but most teams have an understanding that there are crossovers and traditional PR and digital PR can complement one another when they work together. As such, there are some tried and tested methods for gaining links that are taken directly out of a traditional PR handbook. Here are my top three for securing digital coverage:


Often seen as a trad PR strategy through and through, events are often left out of digital PR ideation sessions – but they don’t have to be. Events may be an offline piece of activity (well they were before Coronavirus hit), but there are ways they can gain you high quality links.

Interviews are an age-old way of getting press coverage; offering out experts in businesses and comment is a tried and tested way of raising brand awareness and cementing a company as an expert in its sector. If you’re looking for high quality links, be ruthless in targeting specific publications and offer an exclusive with a CEO or expert in the publication’s field.

Utilising social media is another amazing way to get links for events. Making a song and dance about your event on social media and encouraging attendees to talk about it throughout the day on the most relevant platform will create a buzz and get your event noticed by the right people. For an added incentive, try running a prize draw before, during and after the event to up engagement and boost following.

Press packs

In my heyday, I packed press packs pretty much every month; when NPD hit the shelves, when we wanted journalists to cover a PR campaign, for a little Christmas treat, and pretty much any opportunity that arose. However as I moved away from a 100% traditional PR role, my packing skills soon took a dip; I didn’t send press packs out, instead preferring to build relationships solely with email. But I soon realized this was a huge mistake.

Press packs are just as important in digital PR for all the same reasons they are in traditional PR – they keep your brand front of mind, they give journalists the opportunity to see/feel/hear/taste your product, and they open up another window for dialogue. So if you’ve got an insane campaign around the corner, think how you can get it literally under a journalist’s nose to make sure they know about it.

Reputation Management

This might sound like an odd one. After all, reputation management has become all the more important. But managing reputations has always been considered a traditional publicist’s remit, with digital PRs focusing on making sure people could find your site to being with. However when you think more deeply and realise that just like a traditional PR, a digital PR is also looking to control the narrative and build that all-important credibility, you understand that digital PRs also have a role to play. Afterall, a well-timed and slick digital PR campaign can flood search engine results with positive, searchable content and bury negative content.

Of course it is important to address negative feedback and not just focus on getting good news stories out there. So if you’re not well-versed in reputation management, now might be a good time to polish up those skills.

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